When did Cock Robin form?

Cock Robin’s first album came out in 1985. They were created by Peter Kingsbery in 1982.

What was the relationship between Peter Kingsbery and Anna LaCazio?

In the 80’s there wasn’t TMZ or the internet to stalk musicians of all classes and dive inappropriately into their personal lives. So from the outside, it seems entirely professional.

What were the genres of the 1980’s?

There was actually a lot of different kinds of music that ruled in the 1980’s. Of course the synthetic sounds are what we are most familiar with and what we associate with 1980’s music. Some of the genres included: glam rock, alternative rock, soft rock, and pop rock.

What does Cock Robin mean?

There are actually a couple of different nursery rhymes and traditional British stories that involve the character of Cock Robin. The band has not confirmed the origin of their name, but one good possibility is the rhyme “Who Killed Cock Robin?” which seems to date back to the 15th century, but could be older than that. The nursery rhyme doesn’t seem to have a solid explanation, but there have been a lot of guesses like that it is a parody of the death of King William II. He was killed by an arrow when he was hunting back in 1100. Cock Robin became an archetype and was used in a lot of different songs, poems, murder mysteries, and even cartoons.

Why did Anna LaCazio leave the group?

The first time the group broke up, it seemed it was due to the promotion failure on the part of CBS. The group was not being promoted in the United States, probably due to cost and the belief that the band was not incredibly successful. But that did not work for the group members and they split to do solo careers. LaCazio left again in 2011 for the same kind of reason. She wanted to be with her family in the United States instead of in France where the band was still pretty successful.

What is the future of Cock Robin?

Well the group, with their new female lead singer, just launched an album in March 2016 in France. France seems to be the last remaining place that Cock Robin is popular, so it makes sense that they are promoting there and that their new singer is actually a French lady. Peter Kingsbery even moved to France to be with his adoring fans. So the future will probably be random albums to be released in France, some television tours, and slowly falling further away to obscurity.

What is Cock Robin’s biggest hit?

Their best-known and most successful song was from their original debut self-titled album. It was called “The Promise You Made” and is still on regular radio rotation in France, where it hit the top 10 back in 1985. The second best-known song is “When Your Heart Is Weak.” They have had a few other songs that hit the charts, but it was only in Europe.