Cock robin finished another new arrangement of 'just around the corner' this afternoon. yet another. this one is for a live television show, and i just had to try something new. beginning to wonder if a tango version of it might be in my future somewhere. don't mind. always liked the change from the D major to the F# minor. don't care whose song its in. after a quick mix (i obviously don't care that much about television) i found myself later in china town. a great place to go, if you don't feel like being in Paris for a while, even if its located in the city's 13th district. hard not to compare it to china town near downtown los angeles. cock robin played there once or twice. it always ended late with the inevitable packing up of the gear. i think it was there that i decided to become a bass player one day so that i would not have as much gear to pack up. the new arrangement of 'corner' is with an acoustic guitar. i will get in and out with it, guitar no more than a heavy briefcase.