Cock robin the sidewalks are being tested in Paris like i have never seen them before. foot traffic without anyone directing is always a question of negociation in this town, but with christmas a week away its way out of control. wide=eyed shoppers with 180 degree blind spots busting out of stores, bags swinging in hand, the other firmly attached to a cell phone. lovers stopping mid-sentence to embrace (or rather make out) right in the smack dab middle tongues lashing blocking everyone's path for much longer than seems possible considering the circulation. i occasionally pass an old timer with a cane, sometimes two walking together. they seem to go about as if it were just another day of window shopping. i like old people (hell, i am one), so i try to make eye contact, but they are as guilty as the rest of us glued to the store windows or some decoration that glitters back at them. its often said that christmas is a holiday for the kids. that's a good excuse if you are looking for one.......the idea, at least i think the idea, is to spread good cheer. that and a hot toddy and you can count me in. 'merry'........ peter