Cock robin i bought some good scotch for tonight's occasion. 2011 was pretty good all things considered, so i won't drink to wash away the pain. that in itself is worth celebrating. its more like the spirit of Thanksgiving the one american holiday that refuses to be commercialized beyond recognition. about giving thanks (even though we slaughtered hundreds of tribes of american indians and stole their land we still cekebrate having had lunch with them) and i think that's what the scotch is for. i am grateful to have lived what i lived this year. grateful to those who came out to the shows, grateful to those behind the scenes, and most grateful that i can still write a good song when i put my heart and mind to it. no, i am not getting soft. old perhaps, but not soft......i like to drink....and some of you know that.......take care everybody. there will be plenty of surprises this year. i just feel it. peter