Cock robin welcome to the new year......everybody. its hard to look back on the beginning of this century with more than a decade already behind us. twelve years old, bah, humbug as for some of us it will be lights out in just a few more of these decades. others are just getting started. well get busy, and that's the only encouragement i have to offer you. over the holidays i read a rather extensive biography on Johannes Brahms segueing into the Steve Jobs. both could be wholly obnoxious people, but i would have stood a better chance listening to Brahms explain to me my miserable incompetent existence than Steve. i know, to compare a musical genius to Steve makes no sense, particularly when i belong to the non-Mac club and have a hard time treating my PC with any respect as it is. the coming up of technology for me has been a race that has winded me a bit if not many bits later. i did not adopt it with the same glee as some of my colleagues who have learned to work their Macs or PCs from the beginning as though they were riffing on a new sax. all that being said, It is the Wozniaks of the world who seem to come closer to what Brahms was doing, but I don't know shit. I'm a musician and that's the long and the short of that one. And with this year 2012, i will go on trying to be that and just that.........singing about it....writing about it.......while doodling about on the piano. yours truly, peter